a Challenge to Team eye, Schvex and little blue flame

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by birdfrock

    here's a challenge which might actually make the server a better community, and maybe will help people stay and LEARN.
    Why don't you teach people. Teach them how not to be griefed.
    Write up a guide,Thus showing your expertise, in how not to be griefed.
    Ok, so you've griefed me a few times, ok great, But I an still learning and would love to hear it from the experts on how not to get griefed.
    Yeah, a challenge to you.

    Instead of just doing it over and over maybe you could help people learn how not to be griefed. This would give US a challenge to try to "beat you" at your own game.
    It would also give you a challenge of trying to find us after learning what not to do.

    Make it fun. Make it a game.

    Write a comprehensive guide on how not to be griefed and see what happens on here. It could be interesting.

  2. no free handouts, git gud

  3. Step 1: Smoke that birdfrock pack

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