Brainstorm for Building Competition!

  1. 11 months ago

    Well I've decided the next event will be a building competition! However I need some help fleshing out the details. I have about 40 diamond blocks to spare for the competition and I can offer VIP and VIP+. All I need is a theme and an acceptable time limit for the comp. All ideas are welcome!

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    1) Theme: Hammock Day (22 June)
    Participants will build a building that looks relaxing and comfortable, like a resort, or a shack near a seashore etc. or even a fair!
    The only rule is that it should include one or multiple hammocks

    Time: It will start at 22 June at a specific hour and each participant will be given exactly 60 minutes to complete their builds.

    2) Theme: Vegetation
    Participants will build a building that must include plenty of plants and vegetation inside or outside (or both).
    Vegatation can be presented in any style or way, such as a casual garden, or a greenhouse, or a forest that runs over the house etc.

    Time: It will be done on a specific day and each participant will be given exactly 2 hours to finish.

    3) Theme: Two Worlds Collide
    As you can understand from the title, participants will build a building using materials from two different worlds such as Overworld/Nether or Nether/End or however they want.

    Time: It will be done on a specific day and each participant will be given a hour to finish.

  3. Hello,

    I'd like to suggest a space limit of 16x16x16 (1 chunk with 16 height limit)
    with a theme that's more open to interpretation like "craftymynes."
    I think setting a deadline (I think 1 week's good) for submission is easier to participate
    than giving specific amount of time to make a build from start to finish.
    You can grade the submissions based on orginality, aesthetics, and theme suitability.

    thanks for reading!

  4. Freestyle build completion, within specific limitations, that might be a good idea.

  5. 10 months ago

    How did the competition go? Was it implemented?

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    Could we do another on something like this that the build has to be underground . So maybe like dwarf or something similar

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