Shader issues

  1. 9 months ago

    So I decided to try and run shaders for the first time on minecraft, I am running the latest version of Optifine and went with a Chocapic13 v6 lite shader as seen here...
    However I decided to go into a new world when this happened...
    Any help would be appreciated, also im not running the glsl shader mod or forge.

  2. minesy

    9 Sep 2017 Suspended

    it needs new batteries

  3. shader's corroupted, try another version.

    also can you link me that one?
    lemme see if I can fix it

  4. @HaloNest also can you link me that one?
    lemme see if I can fix it

    The shader can be found here.

  5. Also I just relized that the shader isn't compatiple with 1.12 yet my bad

  6. I just went with a different shader all together and everything seems to be working now (I went with Sildur)
    You can lock this thread if you wish

  7. @BoneChi11er Sometimes its just a problem with the shader pack. I also have some shaders that don't correctly. You could try to change somesettings in the shader pack options. The version is not always correct because i'm also running shaders from version 1.8.8

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