I was wondering

  1. last year

    What's the recommended amount of dedotaded wam?

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    WARNING: Detotaded Wam has been found to be extremely deadly! Any attempt to purchase detotated wam or commonly known as an "assault weapon of mass destwuction" will be met with an arrest followed by execution or alternatively just an execution. Anyone involved in selling will have their homes destroyed by a ballistic missile strike which would have ultimately saved lives.

  3. It is not polite to make fun of someone because they pronounce things differently.

    If you want to be a bully please go some place else.

  4. @MisterChris717 What's the recommended amount of dedotaded wam?

    I am not sure what that is but if you can explain it differently maybe I can answer the question or more Computer knowledgeable players can. OH did you mean Dedicated Ram for your computer?

  5. minecraft is very small so- if you are running the basic setup, 4 gigs od wam is pretty set. if you use a texture pack, go up to 6. dont go past 3/4 of your total wam, or else you may find yourself crashing if you try to open anything alongside the minecraft client

  6. @JKELLER4000 In an interview the kid who said it said they were at first a bit embarrassed but they said later they liked the internet fame. It's just a bit funny, I understand that some people have trouble making the "r" sound. I had trouble with "r" as a child. He has become a meme but he's ok with it. He is 16 now I believe. Link

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