Buy Your Base From The Old Map!

  1. 9 months ago

    Hey everyone! Want a copy of your base from the old map to play on single player with? Send me a private message with the cords and dimensions of your base and I can put together a single player world version complete with seed so that you can open it on single player. The cost is based on the size of your base and can be calculated by taking the cubic root of the length times the width in blocks.


    Base = 100 x 200 blocks
    Base Area = 20,000 blocks squared
    Base Cost = CubeRoot(20,000) or 20,000^(1/3)
    Final Cost Rounded = $27

    If you need help calculating your price, let me know and I can quote you a price.

    NOTE: This will not transfer your base to the new map.

  2. How much for something small, my pepe pixel art?

  3. How big is it?

  4. Edited 9 months ago by Qfu
    Literally just that

  5. So my base would cost $100

  6. @sknup So my base would cost $100


  7. @Qfu
    Literally just that

    From the picture it looks like $5

  8. 8 months ago

    I added a base price calculator to the control panel, check it out!


  9. I'd like to do this, but not right now. How long will this be available? Also can it be from a time before team eye renovated everything? I'd like a copy of my base when it was functioning.

  10. We can’t go back in time at all, technically I should be able to do it anytime in the future but the longer we wait the harder it is for me to transfer it.

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