So I got a trident

  1. 10 months ago

    I got a trident. Unfortunately, it was Richkids'. After I got the trident, I gave him 32DB in spawn after. After trying to farm and search for tridents for hours and hours I couldn't take it anymore. Sorry. If the spawn rates were better, maybe I wouldn't have had to resort to these barbaric means. Consider it Crafty!

  2. Edited 10 months ago by Th3GreenGamer

    There is nothing Crafty can do, the spawn rates for drowned are low in singleplayer too. That's maximised here because of the lag and mob cap. Not to mention it's only natural drowned (Ones that are converted or spawn in ruins never hold tridents), only 15% on those have tridents, and those 15% have a drop rate for 8.5% to get those tridents (11.5% with looting 3). Doing the math it's a 1.275% chance any natural drowned will drop a trident.

    Here's a bug report and test submitted by me a few months back about the spawnrates.

  3. Rip richkid

  4. richkid got richer

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