<brunnohkerber> ban appeal

  1. 4 months ago
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    In Game Name: brunnohkerber (okay, i didnt think using my discord name instead of minecraft name would give a diff skin but oops)

    Reason for ban: xraying / chest esp

    Why should you be unbanned: so ive been banned for x-raying/chest esp (<-idk what it means [edit: so chest esp is basically a chest finder]). and i just wanted to let yall know about the amazing C counter in minecraft's f3 menu. in summary, c counter is the rendered subchunks/all loaded subchunks. an unrendered chunk is like full of blocks, the whole 16x16x16 area. if the subchunk has air, it will increase the rendered subchunks. so basically on the c counter: 0-9 is looking at full subchunks, 10-29 is maybe some lava lakes or water pools, 30-89 are caves (mostly), 90+ is looking at horizon or looking at the sky. theres a vid on it on yt so you should check it out (). this is by all means not an exploit and is just a feature that not many players know about. ive been banned by Tez and if he/she asks why the strip mine is so short I hope he/she remembers that I accidentally typed ".home temp" in chat instead of ".sethome temp" so i had to start a new stripmine. this is the only server of its kind that's updated to the latest version and it has a nice chill community so i would really like to continue to play smp here (if i get unbanned, please return the 5+8 diamonds i found, it took me waaaay too long to find some)

  2. Hello brunnohkerber.

    Thank you for you most interesting ban appeal. A useful tip about the C value that i am sure will come in handy.

    As you know i am the mod who banned you and i am afraid your appeal was rather economical on truth. So yes your strip mine was very short! However, it was plenty long enough to fit a few rails a minecart and leaves.

    I watched you using this well known glitch to find ore and then do it again and find diamonds. There is no doubt in my mind you were using this to gain an unfair advantage over players which is also called cheating.

    Cheating is not tolerated on this server and bans for it are permanent.

    Regards Tez

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