_Yul Helper application

  1. last year

    IGN: _Yul
    Age: 26
    Timezone: GMT

    Strengths: Well here we are again, de ja vu anybody?

    I understand the rules of this server like the back of my hand now, and I have already been a helper, though demoted for inactivity (that’s what nightshift and shift work does to you). If anything I’ve grown much more as a person since I last was staff here and I do still constantly tell people of the rules and warn them that the chat rules need to be heeded. I have been keeping an eye on it even as a normal player and reporting everything to staff via discord. I understand why these rules are here, this isn’t a server for adults alone and we don’t appreciate toxic players here either.

    I continue to help out wherever I can, especially with new players that I think are worth investing in. I like developing creativity in people in an environment where no one has to be berated, bullied, harassed, and feel singled out. I’m also interested in cultivating the fairest Minecraft experience possible. I hate to think people can come here and believe they can have an unfair advantage.

    Weaknesses: As in the past, I mentioned this in my last application, I’m no stranger to a little bit of hijinks. We all love fun and jokes but I know when it can go too far. I steer clear of controversial topics, but have been known to hint at things from time to time.

    Why I am (re)applying: I’m active again and plan to be for the foreseeable future. I have a massive project going on already and want to be able to help out like I have done in the past. I devote a lot of time to this server now and have found a good balance between work and everything else.
    Investing in worthwhile players is something that makes me very happy on this server and in Minecraft in general. It’s not all about ruling chat, though that’s very important. I think being a helper is about creating a positive and helpful experience for everyone on the server. I’d like to be able to do that again.

    Ticks: 6million on this map. At least 150-200mil on previous.

    Additional notes:
    I love the server. Let’s keep it amazing for everyone.

  2. Thanks for your application.

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