Does changing your name ?

  1. 2 months ago

    If I change my gamer name to something else will previous heads i lost or farmed be effected also?

  2. Server will assume you're a new player I'm guessing so you would lose E chest contents, I think anyway

  3. what I am asking is dropped head names . I used an alt and we head farmed the name. if i change player account name from fred to george, will the dropped heads name change also? if yes then i wont change the name its a special head name.

  4. I do not believe so, but I'm bot 100% on that.

  5. Player heads:

    A player head is a skull, linked to the current texture of a certain player in Minecraft. You can use those heads in any Minecraft version. Since the skull is linked to a player, it will change the texture if the player changes his texture. If the player changes his username, a newly created player head with his name will have no texture.

    Sounds like the name of the head won't change but if the texture changes, it will also change on the head.

  6. Your inventory/e-chest will not be lost when changing your name, however, your homes/stats/votes/credits/rank will be lost.

  7. Everyday a school day!

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