Nathan112202's Ban Appeal

  1. 2 months ago

    Nathan112202's Ban Appeal

    So I had asked a question in the chat asking if anyone had any information about the KGB because I said that I was doing a school project about it. The last thing I said was "the KGB is the russian secret police don't kick me I'm just telling him what it is" because I think someone named IcyBlueMiner was the one that asked the question and before that the admin Ithink Tez was kicking a bunch of people for talking about swastikas. After that I was banned for disobeying staff rules. I have no idea what rule I was disobeying, just asking a question.

    Please unban me. I have been banned multiple times but on the occasion of just having fun. This was just a question but I do want to have fun talking about stuff like that. Can there ever be a way for the server to have any fun in the chat at all?

  2. HI Nathan

    Yes i banned you. It was clear we had a number of players who were deliberately pushing the edge of the rules. I had asked you all to move on from highly controversial subjects several times and you were one of many that did not move on and were deliberately going on the edge of the rules.

    You were kicked automatically by the server, then by me for "naxi isnt a bad word" having just been told to move on from the swastika discussion. I presume "female pregnant kanine" was referring to me as a bitch followed by the charming "admin out here going sicko mode".

    Then you start up on your 'school project' despite someone else being told to move on from that earlier.

    So yes you were banned for disobeying staff.

    I remind you of this in your last ban appeal: "I was banned for pushing chat rules. I will not do it again."

    In the light of the fact this is not your first ban for this kind of thing and you clearly don't understand the impact of you behaviour on making staff's job more difficult, your ban will last 3 days.

    Regards Tez

  3. This has been reviewed in the light of your previous bans and has been lengthened to a week's ban.

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