1. 3 months ago

    Recently I have been trading with villagers. I continuously trade with them until they give me discounts but after leaving the area and coming back the villager has removed all those discounts and returned to what his original undiscounted trades were. Before putting my villagers which come from my breeder, into a hall i convert them into a zombie villager then cure them for extra discounts. Is that perhaps the problem? Because i dont want to trade with villagers to get discounts just to have the villager give me its original prices. Please can someone help me with what to do.

    Thank you.

  2. Edited 3 months ago by Xenial_Jesse

    The same has happened to me since 1.14.3, and I haven't seen this change mentioned in any of the bug fixes or patch notes. Stealth update or a new bug? Maybe the former.

    With enchanting tables fixed, enchanting armour fixed, outposts no longer able to churn out Bad Omen VI in minutes, and discounts no longer sticking... villagers in 1.14.3 have fallen a long way from their OP status.

    I had several guys paying an emerald for 1 clay ball by default.
    With Hero, one guy charged 2 stone or 1 granite/diorite.
    I can't say that's bad for the game's balance, but I'm missing 1.14.2 more now. :(

  3. I'll be honest, I don't think they really fucked up the trades by having them be on 1 emerald per book because for one, it's still hard as fuck to find books you want, it still takes time out of your life to collect all the essential stuff needed for the good old rerolling.

    But hey, what can you do when they decide to fuck up the only thing that's good xD

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