PapaGirl's Staff Application

  1. 10 months ago
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    In-Game Name: PapaGirl

    Age: 18

    Time Zone: AEST

    Strengths: I have played Minecraft for a total of 3 and a half years, and consequently know many tips and tricks you can use while playing. I have been on Crafty Mynes for 3 years, and I am able to help new players adjust to the server well, and prepare them for the game if they have questions or are completely new to Minecraft. I care for the players and I always give a helping hand when players are struggling with zombie hordes or running low on food, supplying them. I play almost 18 hours daily, and will always be online to help.

    Weaknesses: I am not specialised in PVP or PVE. I own many different gears for combat, but I can only sell them to players who can actually use them. I can defeat players and monsters with another player, but not on my own. This means I cannot help people struggling in caves if they do not already have a sword.

    Why you are applying: I want to become a helper on the server so that new players will be able to identify me as one of the players they can ask for help from. I want to be able to give players the best experience but to do that I must get their attention. I have quality ideas and suggestions that many new players just put aside to listen to other staff's quality ideas - not considering mine in the mix.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): I have 3795203 ticks, but on the other map I had around 6 million more

  2. Thank you for your application.

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