Jackm04's Ban Appeal

  1. 11 months ago

    Account name: jackm04
    reason for ban: X-ray
    Reason for un-ban: Hey, I recently was banned for using x-ray, I personally rebut this ban but I do understand it's not up to me. It was my first time back on the server in 2 days and I had only mined once in the entire time I had played on the server, I went strip mining and eventually stopped after finding what I will admit to as a healthy amount of diamonds, I came out, and stood around in my friends house for a good couple of minutes watching a building tutorial, then I suddenly got banned for x-ray (I just want to add as well that I have my sound turned up quite loud when mining so I can hear running water and mobs in caves which is why i move in the directions of caves.) if anything more is required just ask and I hope you can get back to me soon with a final statement, Thankyou!


  2. Hello as you may know xray or cheating of any kind is a perm ban here,you xrayed directly to some dia veins some natural and some i placed as traps, after the 4th vein you then started to strip mine, the ban was a bit delayed as i had 3 other hackers on atm and went to watch them as well.
    Appeal Denied

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