Buying Beacons or Wither Skulls

  1. 4 months ago

    Looking to buy Beacons or Wither Skulls.
    Have plenty of Diamonds and other fine objects such as enchant books, shulkers, sea lanterns, whatever is needed.
    Hit me up here or ing.

  2. I do not really know if i am interested in selling.

    but i do have a couple to spare. both beacons and wither skulls.

    I guess i can sell for an absurd price.

    I will sell you 2 beacons for a full set of dia thorns 3 god armor and a set of god tools.

  3. lol

  4. Ill buy, spending up to 100 Dia a piece.

  5. wow i wish i was unbanned so i could go grinding some wither skulls xd

  6. Have bought one and started making more as I'm more impatient than lazy apparently.

    on that note I'm now selling beacons for 100 dia a pop lol

  7. & @Jkeller4000 I totally read your offer wrong earlier today lol "Doh!"

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