Rycity's Ban Appeal

  1. 11 months ago

    In Game Name: Rycity
    Reason for my ban: I said: "I'm gonna fry the server with my 64 chunk rendering".

    Why I should be unbanned: I said it purely as a joke, since I knew the server would lock the render distance at least at 16/32 chunks. (got imediatly informed that it would lock at 5 right before the ban)
    I don't think this is worthy of a ban, and I repeat, as it was purely a joke.


  2. Hello, I am the Mod that banned you.
    Although you may have thought what you said was in jest, as you can now see, we take any and all threats to harm the server very seriously, and we will take immediate action to remove any harmful elements.
    I understand that this may have been done in a jokingly manner and as such you shall be pardoned. You may come back anytime, but before you do i suggest you familiarize yourself with our FAQ and Rules.

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