Here me out mods (Nairey)

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by nairey

    Okay I admit I was using xray, sorry about that ~
    When I first heard about this server it was from my brother, he told me that "it was a SMALL server with cool people and that xraying was not really a crime because there weren't really mods and all that"
    So I used xray thinking it wasn't a serious community from what he had told me, but then I got KILLED and thrown in jail and got killed like 15 times and I was SO surprised, like I said, I thought it was a small server using what I had heard and I was carefree because of that, but then I came here because of the URL from my ban and I realised how much this server was more than I thought, I know cheating results in permanent ban but please try to believe me, I didn't know it was a server with rules and all, if I knew about it when I joined I WOULDN'T have used xray... I'm feeling a little angry because I know I'll probably not get a second chance but you know, trying doesn't kill! I hope you understand my situation and give me another chance.. I really like that server ~

    - Sincere message approved by dinosaurs.

  2. I would say make a ban appeal in the proper format, but there seems little point as you admit to using X-ray which is a permanent ban with no exceptions.

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