Anti_Pyth0n's Ban appeal

  1. 9 months ago

    In Game Name: Anti_Pyth0n
    Reason for your ban: ''breaking chat rules''
    Why should you be unbanned: I said I love you no homo logging off last night, after playing all day and having fun. I get this isn't aloud (even though it was friendly and I was having fun with people I liked on the server, and they said '' I love you full homo'' back) and a mod said in chat please don't say that. And I apologized and it was fine with him, just a warning. Woke up with perm ban.

  2. Hello,I had given you a few warnings earlier in the day and if you recall i told you you were on your last warning too which i had also mentioned to the rest of the team,the mod that warned you had forgotten about that for a sec but remembered as you had logged off and after i had just banned.
    Since it is your first ban you will be pardoned in a day.

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