1. 8 months ago

    hey there, I witnessed bots joining the server right now. they are spamming in the chat and relog several times. I never witnessed something like this on craftymynes before, please help.

  2. now that school has started, and players tell their school friends about craftymynes, we will have a bunch of school bullies coming to crafty mynes to try to hurt those players.

    It does make me sad. but after we ban all those bullies. we can get on with our game play, it is sad that admins have extra work now.

    but it is fun on winter break when the bullies submit their ban appeals and are sad, because they have no place to go to play, now that they got banned.

    the cycle is really interesting to see!

  3. We're sorting out the issue best we can, bear with us for now

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