Mr_Nice_Vodka Ban Appeal

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by Mr_Nice_Vodka

    In Game Name: Mr_Nice_Vodka
    Reason for your ban: Name Change from Stalins_Vodka
    Why should you be unbanned: In all honesty, I still think its lame that i had to change it as its not some cuss word or anything derogatory but whatever pleases your gentle feelings :)

  2. I'm the mod who banned you.

    As you said you were banned for you name. Usually we would unban right away for this, but since you clearly don't understand why a dictator's name, who is responsible for 20 million or more deaths, wouldn't be allowed in a Minecraft server plus you being disrespectful, I will set you to be unbanned in one day.

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