Imperfectpenguins ban appeal

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by Imperfectpenguin


    I was violating the chat rules by .report

    I really like the server and the people that play and ive done a lot of stuff and i would like to come back please. Im sorry and i wont spam .report again

  2. Edited 7 months ago by bgmg

    Hello I'm the mod that banned you.

    You were banned for repeated hackusation and using .report when you were explicitly warned multiple times not to do so. The following messages are in chronological order :

    [22:38:15] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Imperfectpenguin> Everyone report him
    [22:39:02] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <[VIP] Imperfectpenguin> .report GalaxyNote7 Hacks
    [22:39:53] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <[Mod] bgmg> DO NOT use .report when staff is online
    [22:41:29] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <[VIP] Imperfectpenguin> .report GalaxyNote7 sees invis people
    [22:43:39] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <[VIP] Imperfectpenguin> How about u go read the rules
    [22:43:44] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <BlueNinjaKitten> time?
    [22:43:44] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <[VIP] Imperfectpenguin> there is no hacking

    Hackusation in main chat in strictly forbidden. If you suspect a player of using a client or any third party software you can pm a staff member or send proof on the forums or in #player-reports on the official CM discord.
    Using .report while staff is online is also against the rules. Only use this feature when no staff is online and when the issue is urgent.

    You will be pardoned in 24 hours. Take this time to refresh on the rules.


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