Mechinode's Ban Appeal

  1. 7 months ago
    Deleted 7 months ago by Mechinode
  2. Mechinode,
    I am the mod that banned you. You were monitored for roughly 45 minutes due to the high volume of diamonds you were getting in such a short time. While being monitored, you were able to somehow mine only in the directions of ores/diamonds. At one point were even able to "find" them over 3 blocks above your current path and had to climb to get to them, yet without skipping a step, went directly to them. You were seen mining in different directions, yet each turn you took toward a new path led you directly to dia or ores. You were seen looking around in all directions while mining, even stepping back a few blocks at times to change direction as if you had missed something, which again, led you on a direct path of dia/ores.

    I'm sorry friend, in my experience i've never met someone that pinpoint lucky, nor that psychic.

    The evidence is against you. I wish you well on another server, however, this appeal is denied.

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