1. 4 months ago
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    Since you all wouldn't even give me the chance the speak, the way I mine is weird and I have screenshots of my screen b4 you all killed me rudely. But I was very iffy on opening that chest because I was wondering why there was a chest there in the first place. I mine a large ass hole around my surroundings whenever I find ores and such because usually there is always more ores surrounding the area. (I know you all won't accept this obviously, but that's truly all I can say about it. Hope you all the best, enjoyed playing while it lasted).

  2. Hello, I'm the mod that banned you. I'd ask that you make a proper appeal with the proper format, but I don't really wanna waste more time.

    I watched you for around 25 minutes and in that time I watched you dig to multiple diamond / iron ore, not all of them around you, but enough that I caught on over the course of the first 15 minutes.

    Spoiler alert - I planted the chest you dug 4 blocks down to, stopped one block away, then "dug out the area" to try cover your tracks. Your half assed excuse of "mining holes around ore" doesn't hold up when you dug through stone, and ONLY stone, to get to.

    Appeal denied.

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