My Final Words...

  1. 2 weeks ago
    Deleted 2 weeks ago by MrFishMask
  2. Change ur name

  3. Bruh, just jump out of the void.

  4. u didnt lose ur items edward did it as a joke

  5. See you in 2 days!

  6. dejean u coming back to cm on ur main?

  7. @MrFishMask To anyone who cares:

    I am sad to bring the news that I am now quitting CraftyMynes. I have been the victim of unfortunate circumstances and I will not be returning to the server. Allow me to explain......

    I fell into the void, but right before I died, I logged off so I wouldn't loose my stuff. I have accepted the fact that should I ever log back on, I would die immediately and loose all my items. Because of this situation, I will not be logging in again. My old base has been greifed, but if you want to try and find any leftover valuables, feel free to do so.

    It has been fun playing with all of you. Keep the server warm for me. :D

    (ElijahEvo has a few of my heads if you want a memento)


    why do u always quit when u die and lose ur stuff? its so stupid just get new stuff like the rest of us

  8. @Ronjob dejean u coming back to cm on ur main?

    No u

  9. Now post a ban appeal, come back and quit being so stupid. :D

  10. no

  11. XD

  12. @MrFishMask no


  13. last week

    @Ronjob yes


  14. @MrFishMask no


  15. @MrFishMask no

    We love you fishy, return and live as Emperor over my Kingdom.

  16. Deleted 6 days ago by Tez1010

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