T0omy's ban appeal

  1. 3 months ago

    T0omy's ban appeal
    I will stop xraying and if I do you can ban me forever again, i just hit 24 hours on the server, its a great server, I would get it if you reject this but it would be nice to continue playing on the server, I know that this is what every person who xray's says but you can trust me " I will not xray again on crafty mynes"

  2. Ello, I'm the admin that banned you

    I believe you, in respect to you feeling that this is a great server. We put a lot of effort into building this server over the years, and do our best to keep the server healthy. A major part of this is maintaining a fair and equal environment and economy. When players decide to cheat thinking "U'm not hurting anyone, I get what I want, and they get what they want, everybody wins." There's much more to it than that. It besmirches the hard work and effort players put into finding resources, it floods the economy with excess ore, and has been the cause of a few resets. Each hacker alone isn't a large impact, but once more fill the server, the problem grows on itself.

    So I do apologize, but you will not be pardoned, and will remain banned. I wish you best of luck elsewhere


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