Crewman06's Staff Application

  1. 2 months ago

    In Game Name: Crewman06

    Age: 35

    Time Zone: -8 UTC

    Strengths: I enjoy helping, I generally keep a cheery positive outlook while on the server, I have no problem cleaning and maintaining areas and I'm here to help.

    Weaknesses: I have an ongoing medical problem that started in march of 2019, when faced with difficulties outside of minecraft I tend to shutdown or refocus my efforts on solving the problems that I am facing.

    Why you are Applying: When it comes down to it, I have enjoyed CraftyMynes above all else in minecraft and really in other games, what time I do have for gaming, I spend in CM helping out.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 10000000 and counting.

    Custom Note (optional): As you may know I was staff once before, then I left not because of anything anyone did but a realization that my medical problem of 2019 was getting to me along with a lot of other stuff going on. It didn't help that the doctors I was seeing were incompetent and kept telling my I'm fine and normal (I ended up with a nasty ear infection when they tried to tell me it was clear...), because of that I was put into a pretty awful depression with the insomnia and pain. I still have the pain, but knowing it's real makes a big difference on my outlook. At the very least, I know better to trust myself more.

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