Berry Bush Death

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    When i used to death farm to get a more even .kd, i used to kill my self a lot and boy was it fun. The funniest way of dying is definitely the nametag zombie death, since the comedic name changes are endless. The fastest way would be the void spawn. Sweet berry bushes provide hilarious deaths, as "prickled to death" sounds ridiculous. XD. My all time favorite would probably be "god i hope this works" in chat... A few moments later..."mittins0w0 was blown up" and seeing the Fs. XDDD

    If you want to ask a real death legend, try ILoveUButImLying. They hold the death server record and will share her techniques if she isnt busy with college stuff

  3. Falling off a ladder.
    Its hard to do though lol.

  4. I like when ron kills me

  5. Lysander that happens when you elytra comes out and u fall and die

  6. Not always. There is a trick to doing it. You can do it with vines too.

  7. My favourite death was “Th3GreenGamer was blown up by Rabbit” when I was trying to kill Balthazar the Dread, Richard’s pet project.

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