All my chests are gone, now I have one question.

  1. 2 months ago

    So, all my chests are gone from my base. I'm not salty or anything, just wondering what happened. It happened after I invited a new player to my base. It seems intuitive that it was the player that came to my base, however, he later implied in discord that he got banned for xray. I'm now wondering if staff's response to a player xraying is to destroy the chests in that base to prevent other players from getting diamonds through other people xraying, as I have seen this on servers before. I would completely understand that, I just want to know.

  2. You've summed it up pretty well, caught your base mate cheating and the rest you've surmised. It is standard policy to remove all chests from the cheaters base rather than level the base.

    Yes this is annoying for people who are based with the offender but there's no way to prove who got what and how, so I take everything. I do try to leave building materials or other non valuable items where I can, if the time can be spared to go through each chest.


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