Another Poem for Lord RonJob

  1. 3 weeks ago

    For My Thick Toe Hairs AKA RonJob

    A Love Poem for RonJob by Everyone At Crafty Mynes
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    My film is thick,
    And so are you.

    Orchids are white,
    Ghost ones are rare,
    A feel is greasy,
    And so is your hair.

    Magnolia grows,
    With buds like eggs,
    My leukoplakia is hairy,
    And so are your legs.

    Sunflowers reach,
    Up to the skies,
    Veins are dilated,
    And so are your eyes.

    Foxgloves in hedges,
    Surround the farms,
    Cheeks are flabby,
    And so are your arms.

    Daisies are pretty,
    Daffies have style,
    My scene is horrible,
    And so is your smile.

    Toe hair is beautiful,
    Just like you.

    - We Love You Ronald Jobson

  2. 2 weeks ago


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