BlueAce56's Staff Application

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    BlueAce56's Staff Application

    In Game Name: BlueAce56

    Age: 18

    Time Zone: -8 Pacific

    I have great leadership skills and I am very outgoing. I have some great experience with this server In particular as I've been with this server since 2015. I have built great relationships with almost everyone that I have come into contact with in CraftyMynes. I am constantly practicing great integrity and I act appropriately according to the situation provided. I have some experience with being a Moderator on a Survival server and regulating a group of players based on the rules provided. I am polite and patient, two attributes which I think are most needed when being a helper/staff. Especially on late nights! I am friendly and easily approachable to all. I am very resourceful and a good problem solver even under stress.

    I am slow to anger but sometimes I step out of line with trash talking. Not insults but rather bantering with annoying people. I can be repetitive sometimes and maybe annoying to some who consider it so. Sometimes my ability to be blunt is easily mistaken for being rude.

    I am applying because I respect the work all staff members have done to help support a great community we all have contributed to. I would love to assist these staff members to maybe help someone else have a better day. I have also notice that the times I play there are basically no staff members to regulate on site. I want to set a great example by taking the next step up and taking on responsibilities of a Helper. I have known a lot of these players for a long time and would love to help them all in any way I can. I wish to be of assistance with efficiency and effectiveness.

    I have 12.8 million ticks on this current map.

    Thank you all to have helped me and been a friend to me as I appreciate all players and staff in this community. Even though we are playing a game I often meet people with a great heart and awesome wisdom to share! Once again thank you for your time and resources!


  2. Thanks for your application

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