Meldryn's Ban Appeal

  1. 7 months ago


    Reason for my ban: "Duping."

    Why should I be unbanned: I was playing tonight, doing normal things when I randomly was unable to log back in. PapaNeon was on, and said he didn't ban me according to a friend of mine who was on. I use alts, I have a few - all of which are legitimate accounts that I have paid for at some point. I let a friend use an alt as well, but none of us are banned. I do have an alt named PapiNeon which got banned today, despite the fact that PapaNeon said it didn't bother him that the name was so similar. I also never claimed anything while using that alt except that I was a fan boy. It's totally fine, I have no issues with that and have no problem waiting to change that alt's name in order for it to be unbanned. However, other than that joke of a name, I cannot think of any rules that I have violated. A little help would be nice, and if not, let me know! I appreciate your time. If there is any other information needed, let me know!

  2. Sorry, the system picked you up on a false positive, you have been unbanned.

  3. PapiNeon will stay banned until you change the name - it might not personally bother him but rules are rules, impersonating staff using their name or their skin is forbidden.

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