iTzBerkay's Ban Appeal

  1. 8 months ago

    (sorry for my bad english, im from Germany)

    iTzBerkay58's Ban Appeal

    My Ingame Name is iTzBerkay58

    I was banned for Xraying quite a long time ago. That was my first Server Ban ever and I played Minecraft since 2015.

    I really love vanilla survival Servers and especially CraftyMynes (I tried lots of vanilla survival Servers and none was like CraftyMynes) I was younger and just stupied when I xrayed. I didnt really think about it. I had a little mincraft pause since i was banned and i will never use xray or any other cheat in minecraft EVER again. I swear because i was genuinly sad when I was banned and would never risk that again because xraying and other cheats are very unfair for other players. I know that now and knew that back than but i just did a mistake. Im sorry. I also played quite alot on that server and also xrayed like less than 5% of my time there. it was like two or three times when i mined and everything other i farmed was not cheated or anything like that. I also really liked the players on that server and never were disrespectful. I dont really know what to say but everything i said was real. I will never cheat again, will always be respectfull, helpful and just try my best not to do anything bad on the server ever again. It was really fun and i know i could lie but im not and i will really NEVER do something like that again. please unban me. Xraying is not like any other ban reason. its a really unfair and disrespectufl thing to other players but i didnt think like that back then. The xray is not even on my laptop anymore and i also have no other cheat on my laptop. Please give me another chance. yall will not regret it.

  2. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated

    This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played. This includes but is not limited to: non-approved clients/software (hacked clients, clients with minimaps like badlion, external programs like autoclickers), abusing in-game glitchs (duping, 0-tick farms, x-ray, breaking bedrock) and xray texture packs.

    best of luck elsewhere.

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