ryanandrew123's Staff Application

  1. 4 weeks ago

    In Game Name: ryanandrew123

    Age: 17

    Time Zone: CST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: (I joined CraftyMynes in February of this year. What I enjoy and appreciate most about the server is the community and the diversity of the people in it and it's what keeps me playing. As far as dislikes go, the intermittent lag and random timeouts are the highest on my list, although I know they are mojang's fault and a lot is being done to lessen them. I'd like to think I am a good listener and a natural problem solver to help those who need it. My greatest weakness is probably my unfortunate tendency to hold grudges or at least absentminded bias against people based on past experiences. (Which I am working on)

    I am applying because I feel ready and capable of becoming more involved in the server as whole. I also want to repay somewhat for the help the staff were first able to give to me as a new player by practicing those same values onto other new players.

    Time played on CraftyMynes: 19,135,732 ticks.

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it:

    I would change my indecisiveness. I have missed far too many opportunities and moments in my life due to overthinking, along with worrying that stems from that indecisiveness. I have gotten a lot better at making the most of the opportunities given to me and valuing the moments I have without worrying about them, but there is still much work to be done.

    Any additional information or notes:

    I know that the amount of helpers on the server is currently quite large and me making a helper application could seem odd to some considering that fact, but there are still times on the server where I don't see any staff on and players needing help. I plan on being there.

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