SeverusSn1pe's Staff Application

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    In Game Name:SeverusSn1pe

    Age: 22

    Time Zone: EST

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I've played Minecraft since beta 1.4, and CraftyMynes since late 2016 (1.9).Since I've found this server, I've always considered it the gold standard for Minecraft servers. I think it's due to the seemingly brutal nature of pure vanilla, combined with the talented players that populate the world. I'm a college student studying Economics and Management. I have worked quite a few jobs, including teaching music, RA'ing for High School students at a summer program, bartending (Which is my current occupation in addition to school), etc.

    Why you are applying: I've played on this server for a fair amount of time, and I have an intimate understanding of the rules surrounding it. I'm applying because I want to see players receive real, comprehensive support in their experience on the server. If someone has a question, I want it answered. If someone needs something, I want them to have it. As a result, for the past week since the reset, i've been devoting my days and nights towards answering any questions I see in chat, as well as proactively looking and asking to help players. I have helped a number of players that surprises even me in the last few days, and would like to do so in a more official capacity. In my management studies as well as in my work experience, I have learned how to both work effectively in a team environment and act in a pleasant and respectful manner to both would-be players and my staff coworkers. I think I would be an effective helper and if the rest of the staff agrees, moderator.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes: Long time, definitely past 10 mil ticks, If I had to guess, 30+ mil

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it: I would encourage staff to be truthful in every capacity when interacting with players, except where discretion needs to be exercises. It feels like there is a disconnect between the staff and the players and i would like to bridge that gap.

    Any additional information or notes: Sev4Helper. Also, I have a number of testimonials from players expressing their gratitude in screenshots. If these are relevant, I would love to post them!

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