1. 5 weeks ago

    Title of the thread: (ttvchaosiity_432)'s Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: ttvchaosiity_432

    Reason for your ban: says i was using xrays but i wasnt i was minning peascefully went afk to watch a video come back move a little and get the banned msg.

    Why should you be unbanned:craftymynes is one of the best server and i been playing in it for a while. know some of the cool awsome people there. i wasnt using xray i barely even know how to build stuff lol.

  2. Good Afternoon! I'm the mod that banned you today. I find it very curious that you say you were afk before getting banned, as I watched you for several minutes digging straight to diamond ores... Any form of cheating will not be tolerated and results in a permanent ban.

    Best of luck elsewhere!


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