Hacks. i dont use it

  1. 6 months ago


    X-Ray, Chest esp

    ok so im not hacking i can prove to u guys i just play minecraft for a long time and when 1.16.1 came out i studied how to get netherite and my strategy is to press f3 g that shows the chunk and then i go to the corner and mine because usualy it has more there and its that simple and with diamonds i just go near the bedrock because in my opinion is better so please unban me

  2. Hello, I'm the mod that banned you.

    You see, I would believe you but I was watching you for a good 20 minutes. I saw you mine straight to 2 diamond ore veins, an emerald ore, and directly after saying you needed lapis for enchanting, mined straight to that too. I actually never saw you mine to netherite at all, so your "1337 strats" are irrelevant.

    We don't unban hackers. Best of luck elsewhere


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