LivingRoomPlant's ban apeal...

  1. 6 months ago

    My IGN: LivingRoomPlant

    Reason for my ban: xray or chest esp

    Why i should be unbanned: i was just mining randomly talking to the chat and i found diamonds after that i kept mining found more and then more after that i got banned i never cheated nor hacked the only proof i have is the screenshot i took when i realized what happend it shows the versions i have and no hacked clients or such i never cheated and don't wont to be banned i like this server very much and i made friends im sorry for any problems i may have caused next time when i mine im going to wait between mining diamonds
    again sorry for any problems...

  2. Hello there, LivingRoomPlant o/

    I am the mod who banned you.

    You see, it doesn't require to be a brain surgeon to delete a folder and screenshot it later.

    The point here is, I caught you mining straight to more than 4 diamond ore veins in a row and watching the proofs, it's clear you xrayed.
    Sorry to inform you that any account caught cheating in any form will be banned permanently because it gives you an unfair advantage over other players and ruins the server's economy overall.

    It's disappointing, because you usually would welcome new players and give them directions, so I kinda didn't want to believe in what you did there.

    Best of luck elsewhere o/

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