welshyless' Ban Appeal

  1. 5 months ago
    Edited 5 months ago by welshyless

    My in game name is welshyless.
    I'm not sure of the reason for my ban, i was just playing and it said 'you are banned from this server'.
    I should be unbanned because i didn't do anything wrong.

  2. Hello, there, @welshyless o/

    I am the mod who banned you.

    You were banned for xraying.

    Your method of tunneling through the nether while finding ancient debris "on the way" was interesting, even though trying to make it somewhat erratic and random. I realized you were indeed cheating by placing blocks to staircase your way after the remaining debris that were beyond your reach and blocked by netherrack and mining through there.

    Any form of cheating is not allowed, because it gives you unfair advantage over other players.
    In conclusion, this ban appeal has been denied.

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