CrayonTouchKids' Ban Appeal part 2

  1. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago by CrayonTouchKids


    Idk how to make a reply so here.
    1st, my name is not inappropiate. You are just taking it that way. It never explicitly states that I touch kids innapropiately. 2nd, you never gave me one warning, I kept getting kicked with the message connection lost. 3rd, how does making a joke result in an insta ban.

  2. Threats to the server are taken very seriously thats not something you just "joke" about, you should think very carefully before you act you didn't so here you are now, tbh i wouldn't pardon you until you understand that point and the rest of the rules but ill leave that to the one that banned you, and whether you consider your name inappropriate or not doesn't matter because we do and until you change it to something suitable for the server you wont be able to join back.

  3. In chat you said "i touch kids" shortly after the server. If you are going to appeal for a ban, being dishonest won't help your case.

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