The_Dabberwock's Ban Appeal

  1. 2 months ago


    Reason for your ban: For not havin' enough Tegridy to respect the rules

    Why should you be unbanned: A Few months ago I changed my name to something that was as immature as I was back then. I now realise... It just wasn't Tegridy. The reason I got into the Minecraft business was to make quality, simple builds that came from the heart. A build that was strong, and pure. Somewhere on that journey I lost my way. CraftyMynes is about community. It's a sunrise. It's the smile on a baby. But most of all CraftyMynes is about friendship. I had forgotten I have loving friends who play on this server, and I'm not gonna forget them anymore. So I'm not gonna fight this. I believe I've done my time and... maybe someday I'll be back. Making a build that's simple. A build that's Tegridy. Because, when you do the right thing, good things happen.

  2. Same as when you did your first appeal, you have to take it seriously and write a proper one or we wont consider it.

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