A Very Well Written Appeal :P

  1. 2 months ago


    Sep 25 Suspended
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    Name: Nolanos
    Ban Reason: Chat Violation (Language)
    Why I should be unbanned: I don't know exactly what language rule I broke but I saw a player that used to play on [redacted - different server] [redacted - several chat violations. As well as removing guilt] I may have been a little underhanded or rude in my deliverance of this message but I just want everyone to be aware and not ignore/support [redacted - chat violations] and although I'm not playing the victim here but just because someone is a donor they don't always deserve protection from rightful accusations.
    If I'm unbanned: Ill honestly probably not log on too often (except to tell mittins i love him :3) I stand up for my peoples and if thats an unappealable offense so be it.
    Have I been banned before?: I was false banned for spam one time during a purge but was later unbanned when they notice I wasn't one of the spammers

  2. Denied

    Make a serious appeal, and not one of false a custions to insite hate twoard someone involving a breakup four years ago

  3. you're free to contact owner@craftymynes.com with your evidence and then we'll review your appeal.

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