Despicableme's Wild Treasure Hunt

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    Ahoy! I be in a merry mood, so I hid some loot in th' wild'rness!
    But alas, my debugger broke! I don't have the cord'nates! Luckily, I remember the route well:


    Do .survival and start at (0, 0) and head straight north. Thar should be a road o' cobble t' follow, but bandits keep stealin' it!

    If ye follow the road (or where it used t' be), ye'll get to a plain's v'llage that's been ransacked. In th' northeast'rn part, thar should be dirt in th' air above a birch door.

    From here, head east 'til ye reach a river. Follow th' river east. if you find a big cobblestone pile blockin' the river, ye went th' right way. From here, the river'll curve north 'n then back west.

    When it goes west, it'll run parallel another river to th' north, separated by some sand. Betray th' curr'nt river 'n follow this one east. When ye've gone far enough, y'll see this on th' south bank:
    From thar, head north fer a while. Ye shud pass an estate with walls o' cobble and red fl'wers. Stop at th' sec'nd river ye come 'cross. It'll have a spittin' beast, and some crops, and curve round a plateau. Follow this river either way 'n ye'll be at a savanna v'llage with nothin' but scrapwood.

    Another river shud start north o' this villa. Let 'er take ye northerly. Eventerlly, it'll run with a desert on the north and a savanna on the south. Look for a patch o' cobble on th' ground, northeast of a bend. Stand several paces south o' it. If ye see no cobble, go to where the river bends south. Start walking east into the forest.

    Hope ye like long walks in th' woods, cause ye'll have to walk for a long time, straight east! In time, the trees'll become big spruces. After you smell the pine, stop at th' second river ye find 'n follow it south/east. From here on, trust this river with yer life, wherever it may take ye! Go far enuff an' ye'll find my house in the middle o' th' river. From here, stay to th' left. If ye wind up in a desert or a swamp, ye went the wrong way.

    When th' trees give way t' flatland, look fer this on the west bank:
    Th' treasure'll be buried by dirt n' grass. Feel free to plunder it 'n anything 'lse ye find on th' way!

    Even if a river has no water, tis still a river if th' grass's th' right shade o' green.

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    Arrrgg Matey

  4. Yo ho ho! Admire me loot!

    *props for setting this up, the hunt was worth the journey. Had to get a couple people involved on this one (You know who you are), thanks for the fun DM!*

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    No problem, Konzee!

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