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    FOR SOME REASON I WAS BANNED FOR X-RAYING?! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS HAPPEND. I see two times it might have looked like I was X-Raying. But I swear on God I did not. If you look when I was mining with RedTiger today I was clearly not X-Raying at all! If I was using X-Ray I would not play on a multiplayer server, PLEASE check again. ALSO that one time I got A TON of debree was prob LUCK I even said how lucky I was in chat (If u can see those) I did do this thing one time when I was wearing the techno skin as a joke and even said I was joking. You can say that "But we clearly saw you X-raying" Is not true, When I got banned the first time I was scarred SHITLESS because I truly love this server and the community, After reading hackers ban appeals and your responses I knew you took this seriously. And why would I hack after buying MVP and seeing what would happen if I do! Please check again, I swear on my life I did not X-Ray, I thought this was for caps tbh. If I get perma banned it's unfair because I never would do such a thing. And after school me and my friends play on this server a lot! I would not give for using X-Ray, Even though I am childish I would never do that. PLEASE check again. And also, When you say "Other acc" Your talking about HeroicSpider, Yes? I only use that acc when I combat log (YES IM SORRY IM A LOGGER) And why would I log if I have X-Ray?! I would just get everything back in like 30 mins!! Also I would like a PARDON! I HAVE NEVER USED HACKS IN ANY GAME!!!


  2. G'day,

    It was not a spur of the moment decision made by 1 Administrator to ban your IP and alt accounts. 2 of them have been banned for using modifyed clients on our server. This automatically incurs an IP Ban. I have personally checked the data along with other administrators and even the owner. We all came to the same conclusion.

    This ban will remain in effect with no chance of appeal.


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