Ealdwine_Drasax Ban Appeal

  1. 5 weeks ago
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    Title of the thread: (your In Game Name here)'s Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: Ealdwine_Drasax

    Reason for your ban: According to this, I have been banned due to having a VPN.

    Why should you be unbanned: I do not have a VPN. I have never purchased nor do I own a VPN. I have been banned randomly for no reason again. I do not own a VPN and I got pinged again for it.
    Okay, So I have found out that my Fiance has upgraded our account with your security group that included a VPN for free. I did not know this at the time and explains the servers dissatisfaction with my internet connection. I do apologize and I want to express my apologies in regards to this. I did not know this information and I have removed the VPN abilities from my wifi system to the best of my knowledge (looking on google to remove it)

  2. G'day,

    I will pardon your account so you may try again. I have left the IP address banned so the server won't reban you if you forget.


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