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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Aug 27 23:00:17 2016
    Superspacecraft started the conversation Superspacecraft's ban appeal.

    in game name: Superspacecraft
    I was banned because I was helping a guy with the x-ray mod
    I should be unban because that was 5 months ago and I was mad at first but then I used that time to think about it and I thought about how the problem was really me because I broke the rule of you can't have anything that gives you an advantage over other players. The more I think about that rule the more I under stand it especially when I think about what it would be like running a server and having everyone cheating all of your hard work and the money you put into it would have been wasted.

  2. Thu Mar 17 13:10:34 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in Serverplz commands .


  3. Wed Mar 16 15:18:00 2016
    Superspacecraft started the conversation Windows or Apple.

    do you like windows or apple

  4. Wed Mar 16 15:15:31 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in A funny Minecraft song....

    ya i have seen a lot and some of them are pretty farfetched

  5. Tue Mar 15 23:07:44 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in Roast I_like_cashews!.

    Cuz that makes a diffrens

  6. Tue Mar 15 23:04:01 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in A funny Minecraft song....

    @Pimpcy have you seen the majoras mask theorie were link is dead

  7. Tue Mar 15 13:33:20 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in Share stories that happened to you!.

    @BoneChi11er at the begging of the story i was thinking no way he did not get struck by lightning untill the end and i was like i just jinksed myself

  8. Mon Mar 14 15:12:26 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in Tusk Tower.

    "not exciting enough" holy crap that factions not going to grow at all if this keeps up

  9. Mon Mar 14 14:20:31 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in what would you do if. @Chips_The_Gamer *opens can* weres the soda meh

  10. Mon Mar 14 04:55:38 2016
    Superspacecraft posted in NEW FACTION.

    Sometimes when i read these kind of posts i like to think of @JustADork as a detective or a layer

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