Thank You Crafty!

  1. 8 months ago

    I've been playing on this server for several years now, and a while ago I decided to join a modded minecraft server. Boy, I had no idea how good I had it here on CraftyMynes. The people who made the server hardly care about it; when it began constantly crashing, the only person who could fix it took his sweet time looking into it. Honestly, I'm willing to bet most of them have forgotten it even exists. The only active admin acts unnecessarily harsh to anyone she's not friends with, insulting even people who ask sincere questions, and is one of the most emotionally immature people I've ever met; I've had more civil interactions with people banned for chat violations! Lastly, the lag. Holy CRAP, the lag. It takes me a whole minute just to join the server and there is constant freezing and rollbacking. I always have to log out in a safe place or I'll be dead when I join. Despite being a modded server, it doesn't use any mods that are designed to minimize lag and doesn't even have ANY teleport commands! Whenever people try to suggest mods, the usual response is "I'm cringing, read the rules: 'Do Not Ask About Mod Updates'".

    This past month has opened my eyes and I just wanted to say thank you to CraftyMyner, you truly are a command-block genius and a highly experienced server owner. I also want to thank the staff for being supportive, honest, patient, and civil when it comes to the rules.

  2. I really appreciate the kind words. When I started this server it was because of many of the problems you outlined. Although the last little while I have been very busy with work, I still love taking the time to hear from players and making the server be the best it can.

  3. 6 months ago
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    Popping back in to agree with this. I hopped around servers for a while, several times, but couldn't find anything that matches CraftyMynes for the vanilla experience while still having a good community, and good staff.

    The alternative where I spent most my time was run by an owner who just could not hear the most blatant, loudest problems the community was pointing to. He had allowed all end portals to be broken, and had ignored a corrupt mod. Yet several of us had been reporting this for ages; long enough for me to examine every single end portal; long enough for another player to literally fake-earn the trust of the bad players and become a spy. Took him about a month. Within an hour of him exposing the corrupt mod (he was finally let in to their manufactured end portal), the map was obliterated and all players lost everything. Point is, this was discussed in the owner's Discord daily, and messaged directly to him over and over... for absolutely ages.

    Another one I tried came close, but it just would not stop spamming huge admin messages. Couldn't get past it.

    The admin presence in Crafty has always been positive. I love the ban & jail system hehe... everyone celebrates by trying to win the villian's head. And the community in Crafty has always been relatively very, very low in BS, with even fair play base-destroying, looting, and player-killing taken in a respectable way by everyone.

  4. 5 months ago

    Might be a bit late but I also want to state my agreement.

    I've played on this server since I was 12 back in 2015 under _Confederacy_ and this community had a significant impact on my childhood. This was the first place I ever felt a sense of belonging outside of school and family. Eventually I moved to other communities as this server waned in player count but nothing has ever matched the experience I had here. Now that I'm in college I also find myself too busy to really play this game anymore but if I ever find the time to I would happily play again with all of you guys.

    Thank you all for the experience here.

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