Killing villagers? Griefers or Staff?

  1. 9 months ago

    I work in the large farm area, restoring it after it was heavily griefed. Now all the leveled up mobs have been killed off.
    I'm wondering if it's griefers or staff killing them off to lower numbers or?

    It really bothers me when we have a community of people working together one a project(compos farm) and someone just comes along and destroys it.

  2. If it’s the one near 0, 0, it was most likely just some rando.

  3. Edited 9 months ago by birdfrock

    Yeah I think I have figured out who it is. a new person, or two. I don't think they know much about minecraft either..
    and it keeps happening. we rebuilt and they come back and do more again.

  4. you got a discord? msg me their names. I'll try and get rid of them.

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