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    I was thinking about offering rewards for players who both support demonstrate responsibility on the server. For example, reporting hackers, donating, and clearing out the spawn area would all be rewarded with a certain amount of resources (diamond, spawn eggs, ect.) . Questions, comments, critiques?

  2. People already do that to be good server members anyway and those that dont will have the resolve not to whether they are rewarded for it or not, donating already gives you vip, i dont see any real merit in giving more rewards, what would you get out of it?

  3. A better name, and a better environment. I agree we have a pretty good community as is, but a little incentive might push some people to do even more

  4. I feel like it might cheapen the act, in a way, and leave it more open for being misused. Also, I wouldn't be comfortable with The Red Army having anything to do with that. If that was to ever be implanted, it would have to be the staff to do so. This is all my personal opinion, of course.

  5. I understand Danny. Criticism is welcome.

  6. I think there should be like a massive reward for being a guardian. Or like, having CodyJProductions in your name. That would be really cool.

  7. i would like to join Red Army

  8. last year

    can i join red army?

  9. This post is 7 years old, there are 1st grade kids that were born after this post was made. Please don't revive prehistoric threads.

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