My attempt at drawing my friend's cat

  1. 8 years ago

    Original image:

    My drawing of it:

  2. Edited 8 years ago by Chips_The_Gamer

    Looks nice , although it would've looked better without color. Maybe I should post a sketch of my cat. :D
    I made one yesterday but it took me 3 hours because she wouldn't stay still xD

  3. I colored it to do all that shading and crap. I did get some details wrong, though. Give me a picture of your cat (photo plz!!!) and I'll try and do that

  4. I'll try , but she'll probably scratch my face , she doesn't like anything up in her face lol.

  5. I like the eyes, cute >.<

  6. last year

    can you fix the links? i think they're broken and they just say -image- i would love to see your drawings!

  7. Please refer to my comment here:

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