Drex's Return

  1. 2 years ago
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    As the title implies, I am slowly returning to the server. I have recently had a little more free time approaching the end of the semester, and with an abundance of free time coming soon (summer), I anticipate I will play on the server seim-often. I never officially announced I wasn't playing, I just disappeared. I have had a presence on the forums, chipping in here and there, but not on the server. Now, with 1.12 rolling around the corner (though I don't think there is any talk of a new map, that would be a turn off for investing any time in 1.11) I'm even more eager to play. That being said, I don't want to necessarily lurk, and do my own thing. Especially with the addition of warps, I think it is a lot more reasonable to be more social. I haven't built a base yet this server, but my echest is packed with my earnings. The majority of people don't know me, but I hope those who do would say that I am a great player, and fun to hang around. This isn't a desperate plea of loneliness, but an introduction to the community. I am looking forward to hopefully actually doing things this time around; I'm going to try and break my persistent habit of not finishing anything .

    That being said,
    Hey, I'm Drex. I am not a noob on CraftyMynes, but it has been a while.


  2. You're a noob. Admit it!

  3. Welcome back you're alive!
    it's funny When you're gone for so long so many new players flood and seem to replace the once active oldies around here

    It's like you're a whole new player to each generation Lol

  4. Welcome back, drex!

  5. I do not know you, because I am a new person to the server, but welcome back! It's always nice to see people come back, such a good feeling!

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