Custom Achievements?

  1. 6 months ago

    Literally just had this idea: Would custom achievements be not vanilla enough or not wanted enough to be added? Achievements have never been really perused or appreciated in the past but I was just thinking maybe just have special CM achievements ranging from an achievement for hoarding Crafty Credits, getting to a certain vote milestone (possibly rewarding said milestone achievement?) , or even simply just some meme achievements

    Just a simple idea that I had that I believe could bring the community together I guess??? idk

  2. It's certainly a possibility, I think achievements for voting for example would be good and maybe rewards linked to those achievements.
    Stuff like tick numbers could be used as well, maybe one or two iron-man type achievements like no deaths in 10 mil ticks.

  3. Edited 6 months ago by AttackTeam

    It would be cool to have some extra challenge achievements, to push a player to explore, take risks, or some other cool side quest like achievements. It would also be an interesting idea to create more challenging versions of the pre-existing ones, since the server difficulty is hard, to make a more unique experience, even if you did not want to make that much of a difference, by editing the original ones, if that's even a thing.

  4. Edited 6 months ago by NutjobBob

    @AttackTeam suggested this a few weeks ago and people were quite positive about the idea. Would be a great way to add even more individuality to the server.

  5. I like this idea xd

  6. @NutjobBob LMAO I'M SORRY @AttackTeam I give all credit to AttackTeam, I shit you not I didn't see your thread let alone think I checked it since I was away from MC and the Forums as well. This is your thread now do as you please lmao I really am sorry though I had no idea

  7. It's all okay, I didn't mind personally, plus other opinions on the topic would help support it

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